Connor Fitzgerald is an assassin for the CIA. Black ops at its best. But when the CIA director orders a hit, and then wants to hide her involvement from the President, she tries to send Fitzgerald on an one-way futile assignment to Russia to prepare an assassination of the Russian Premier. Fitzgerald's ex-mentor gets involved and figures out the plan, but too late to save CF from getting caught. A couple of twists later, however, and Fitzgerald is back in the States with the same mission -- kill the Premier while he sits next to the President.

The storylines were inventive and well done. Not quite at the level of Clancy or De Mille, but well done still. The writing is first-rate and the story moves along at a good clip.

The relations between the CIA and Fitzgerald, and between the CIA and the Oval Office are not sufficiently fleshed out, leaving the story as having a little too light of a touch for the genre. As well, a couple of the twists are too well-telegraphed and you see them a mile off. As well, a small twist at the end, although expected, is handled far too lightly for the likely reality of the situation.

Story moves along at good clip

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