Salman Rushdie turns magical realism into something greater in this novel. One needs a deeper understanding of Rushdie’s symbolism, metaphysics and aesthetics to be able to comment on his work. The Enchantress of Florence starts like a fairy tale. The animation of the Arabian Nights -exoticism, "make-believe" and "desire" in the novel make it an interesting read. In this novel the author connected the two worlds –the Mughal emperor Akbar at Fatehpur Sikri, India and Niccolo Machiavelli in Florence during the renaissance. They both were learning the brutality of power in a hard way. It is a story of the Ottoman sultans, Janissaries, murders and power play. The fleeting flirtation of power through the cunning eyes of the enchantress - Qara Koz adds a whole new perspective to the novel. Once I finished reading this novel, it felt like waking up from dream. The questions which comes to my mind :
What is real?
Is stoicism the secret to happiness?

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