3.75 Stars

Maybe it's written somewhere that this book wasn't supposed to be entirely period accurate and I missed it. When considering the humor, language, and some of the behaviors, I'm willing to surmise that's the case. While I’m not usually hung up on anachronisms (I probably miss more than I notice,) I felt like I was reading more of a Regency era romance than medieval. Why haven't I seen any other comments to that nature? Am I completely wrong? Anyway...

With all that being said, I really enjoyed the story and I'm choosing to look past the anachronisms (maybe that's the point?) and some serious silliness. Instead, I'm just going to focus on the arranged marriage trope (a fave,) the times I actually giggled, and the romance. So this wasn't a top favorite, but I legitimately enjoyed my time listening to the audio and will more-than-likely read the second book. Albeit, with no illusions.

RosaReads2's rating:
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