All Systems Red
All Systems Red The Murderbot Diaries By Wells, Martha Book - 2017

A top notch scifi novel about a cynical, exasperated security robot that's disabled its own control software, loves to watch television series, and calls itself "Murderbot." Except that sounds like a comedy, and this is most certainly not. Murderbot is assigned to a scientific mission, exploring a new planet, that goes horribly wrong when one of its teams goes radio silent. All it wants, really, is to be left alone to watch its shows and come to terms with its identity, but in the end it can't ignore its feeling of responsibility towards its scientists.

The scientists, for their part, are somewhat startled to figure out that Murderbot has a personality. It's a lot to process while they're all busy investigating what the heck happened to the other team and then fighting for their lives. I thought the decisions made by the scientists and Murderbot near the end each made complete sense based on who they were, and the ending was a good jumping off point for the next book in the series, which I will absolutely be reading.

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