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Where Big Tech Went Wrong and How We Can Reboot

Reich, Rob
Book, 2021

303.4834 REI


The Power of Unplugging One Day A Week

Shlain, Tiffany
Book, 2019

158.1 SHL

Automating Humanity

Toscano, Joe
Book, 2018

306.4601 TOS

Hello World

Being Human in the Age of Algorithms

Fry, Hannah
Book, 2018

303.483 FRY

World Without Mind

The Existential Threat of Big Tech

Foer, Franklin
Book, 2017

303.483 FOE

California Typewriter

DVD, 2017

681.61 CAL

Man, Interrupted

Why Young Men Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It

Zimbardo, Philip G.
Book, 2016

305.31 ZIM

A Dangerous Master

How to Keep Technology From Slipping Beyond Our Control

Wallach, Wendell
Book, 2015

609.485 WAL

The Glass Cage

Where Automation Is Taking Us

Carr, Nicholas G.
Book, 2015

303.483 CAR

A Deadly Wandering

A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption in the Age of Attention

Richtel, Matt
Audiobook CD, 2014

303.483 RIC

The Glass Cage

Automation and Us

Carr, Nicholas G.
Book, 2014

303.483 CAR

The End of Absence

Reclaiming What We've Lost in A World of Constant Connection

Harris, Michael
Book, 2014

303.4833 HAR

How We Got to Now

Six Innovations That Made the Modern World

Johnson, Steven
Book, 2014

303.483 JOH

Technology & Sustainability

Denton, Peter Harvey
eBook, 2014

Present Shock

When Everything Happens Now

Rushkoff, Douglas
Book, 2013

303.483 RUS


The Collapse of Everything

Casti, J. L.
Book, 2012

303.483 CAS


The Future Is Better Than You Think

Diamandis, Peter H.
Book, 2012


Distrust That Particular Flavor

Gibson, William
Book, 2012

306.46 GIB


Grady, Wayne
Book, 2010


Sex, Bombs and Burgers

How War, Porn and Fast Food Created Technology as We Know It

Nowak, Peter
Book, 2010


You Are Not A Gadget

A Manifesto

Lanier, Jaron
Book, 2010

303.4833 LAN

The Nature of Technology

What It Is and How It Evolves

Arthur, W. Brian
Book, 2009


The Design of Future Things

Norman, Donald A
Book, 2007

745.2 NOR


Life in Transformation

DVD, 2002



The Surrender of Culture to Technology

Postman, Neil
Book, 1992

303.483 POS

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