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A large mansion … a tiny dollhouse … an isolated lodge in the wilderness … a long-deserted house on the edge of a town … a Japanese teahouse, and even a doghouse … the ten houses depicted in Robert San Souci’s stories are varied, but they all have one thing in common. Each is haunted by a horrifying something. The first book in the Are You Scared Yet? series, Haunted Houses is a veritable “spookfest” featuring such creatures as a person-sized ghost-spider that craves human flesh, a fierce ghost pirate searching for his head, an enormous slavering ghost-dog, a family of spooky ghost-dolls, and invisible dust creatures with voracious appetites for people. In a collection of short stories such as this, it’s important to have variety among the stories, and San Souci has accomplished this quite well. Some of the stories are eerie; some are creepy and some are quite startling. Most of the stories end “happily” but a couple of them do not. Some of the tales are rather more plausible than others, and the settings are diverse. However, each story is very well-written, with the necessary suspense and foreshadowing to intrigue any reader who enjoys being spooked. Robert San Souci is the author of many books for children, including the Short and Shivery Tales books.